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How to Make Your Bedroom a Haven

By Catherine Warmerdam
Photography by Donald Satterlee

A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP is essential to your health and well-being, which is why the room where you spend one-third of your day ought to function as a sanctuary, a place where you can retreat from the stresses of daily life. Miche Monteiro, a lead designer with Benning Design Construction in Sacramento, offers these practical tips on how to make your bedroom a haven.

“Color plays a huge element in design and should definitely be used in bedrooms. But soothing, neutral and monochromatic palettes help to create that relaxing, serene and calm mood that we look for in a bedroom,” says Monteiro.

A comfortable mattress, a good set of sheets and quality pillows all contribute to a better night’s sleep. For a cool, soft feel, 100 percent cotton sheets made from Supima cotton are your best bet.

Those boxes of old photos under the bed? They need to find another home. “Keeping the room clean and relaxing without piles of things or lots of furniture or accessories is key to achieving a sense of calmness and order,” advises Monteiro.

Take care to select lighting that’s appropriate for the setting. “This is huge for any room, but especially in the bedroom you should be able to create different scenes and different moods,” explains Monteiro. “Ambient lighting and dimmable fixtures are a must here.”

The bedroom is the most personal room in the home, and its design should reflect that. “A favorite scent, a favorite color or an accessory that holds important meaning” are all ways to personalize the space where you slumber, says Monteiro.


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