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Postcard Mexico City Getaway

A pair of Sacramento architects might seem like an unlikely choice for a project in Mexico City. But Pam Whitehead and Paul Almond had already wowed the client with a house they’d designed for his brother on Folsom Lake. Known for their unwavering commitment to modern architecture, the husband-and-wife team designed a house that is like a small boutique hotel: chic, luxurious and ultra private.

By Marybeth Bizjak

THE PROJECT: Design a house in the heart of Mexico City that can do double duty as a family home and a place to entertain.

THE CLIENT: An American who splits his time between the United States and Mexico, working as a recording manager for Latin American artists.

THE ARCHITECTS: Pam Whitehead and Paul Almond, Sage Architecture, Sacramento.

Kitchen Getaway

Living Room Getaway

Modern Entrance

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